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  • Hone in on PII in any data set using advanced machine learning models
  • Develop better review strategies with image and document classification tools
  • Easily link each element of breached data with its respective entity
  • Automatically deduplicate & generate a consolidated entity list for notification

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Advanced PII Detection

Machine learning models help you quickly hone in on the documents that contain sensitive data.


Streamlined Linking Review

Canopy suggests connections between identified PII and known entities, turning the review process into an "accept or reject" workflow.

Unrivaled Entity Management

Get to a consolidated notification list fast with automatic deduplication and grouping of similar entities.

"It was not humanly possible for our team to do this — it would have taken a couple hundred reviewers years to complete this project. We can’t even fathom the cost savings. Canopy made the impossible possible."


Project Lead
CASE STUDY: Canopy Achieves "Impossible" Data Breach Response for Hospital Network

Powered by Machine Learning

Canopy employs clustering algorithms and neural networks along with natural language processing (NLP) and other techniques to continually refine many processes, including PII detection, file type classifications, and entity suggestions and consolidation.

In short: It gets smarter with every project.


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